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Our Server - Juyo

Fimlys - Mike a posted Dec 12, 11
So, it looks like we will be setting up shop on the Juyo server! If you signed up for the guild on the SWTOR site before the lockdown, you should see a mark on your server selection screen for Juyo. Anyone else will just have to find it manually. :)

My character Ra-Mos has been created and the Guild is available. You should be able to do a WHO on Polyjedious to see if anyone is on. Any officer can invite you and anyone can be invited!

Also, check out http://buy.swtor.com/us/#optional-game-add-ons for information about the authenticators. I can't stress how important having your account secured can be. Please think about picking one of these up. Hopefully a mobile app will be available soon too if you don't want to deal with the physical "fob".

This Site

Fimlys - Mike a posted Dec 8, 11
So, we've got this nice site with Forums and such. If we find that we are actually using the site, I may have a way to get us upgraded for free. But I need to see that we are using at least the forums in here and it makes sense to get the upgrade.

Also, I have posted a little info about the early access in the forum. Please take a look in there and also, go post! Introduce yourselves and talk about what class you are planning to play. We should try to make sure we've got a couple tanks and healers if we can. We're not going to be strict about any of this stuff, but it will be tough to do guild runs of things if we are missing these roles!

I'm very excited to get started!


Fimlys - Mike a posted Nov 8, 11
Welcome to Polyjedious' new home on the internet! Check out the forums. Maybe start a discussion on which class you are planning on picking and why or post interesting news about the game that you've found. 

Let us know if there is anything not working or changes you think we should make. Thanks again!

- Mike / Fimlys
- Polygamerous Podcast
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